Bespoke ring binders

A binder can be supplied in either plastic / PVC or polypropylene with the ability to add additional sheets when required.


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Bespoke ring binders can be manufacturered to any size or shape required in the traditional PVC over board or the modern rigid polypropylene.





Binders can be supplied in a wide range of colours, the cards in these binders have been encapsulated under the clear to give a full colour image at an economical price.


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Nickle or brass corners can be added to enhance your company image.




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The thickness and amount of paper you plan to use will determine the capacity, this ranges from 10mm capacity - 65mm capacity there is a variety of different shapes of ring with the 'D' ring being the most popular.





We can advise you the number of rings - 2, 3 or 4 to the capacity of paper they may take.

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