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The Voyager Observatory has been priced and designed to be used by the amateur and professional astronomer.

Made in Fiberglass material it is durable, light, weatherproof and low maintenance. Can be made in colours other than white, the choice is yours.

Easy to service, install or remove observing equipment, can be built by 3-4 people, easy to assemble or be built for you by our experienced technicians

Just right for a first observatory

Can be situated freestanding in the garden (requires a cement base) or the base height can be reduced to be fitted to a flat roof

Coated internally with matt black to minimise light reflection. Accommodates most commercial telescopes

Telescope type:- Newtonian/Schmidt cassegrain /Maksutov Cassegrain

Maximum Tube diameter - 16"

Telescope Type:- Refractor

Maximum tube length from Axis 44" (to view from horizon to zenith)

Can be viewed in our London distribution depot or come to our factory in Scotland