Printed ring binders




The printed ring binders on the left show a silk screen print coverage on opaque PVC / plastic with solid spot colourand added tinted effects,  screen printing is best for the larger print area or when more than one colour is required, when a full colour has to be displayed then a digital or litho print can be an option.



Vycon 82LR.jpg



By printing solid colours on the frosted polypropylene material, leaving a block unprinted,

allows your product information to show through.


 Binders can have a customised print to show a varied format, from silk screen printing, digital print,  litho print, cards encapsulated, card wrap under frosty polypropylene to a metallic hot foil finish - each gives an individual look to match your company image / brand.



For a full colour image there are various options depending on your budget -

Paper sheets can be inserted under clear PVC or for a polypropylene then cards riveted under clear / frosty material to give a full colour image on small quantity runs.

Digital print or Litho print gives the ultimate print image quality giving high colour photographic and complicated print designs.

Foil blocking imprints a bright shiny surface in a variety of colours and finishes.


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